We supply a wide range of equipments in the oil and gas field, which are listed here. You can download the product catalogue from the link below. 

Download the product catalogue

American Completion ToolsOffshore Handling Systems Ltd.
Choke and Kill ManifoldsGeneral Cargo Handling Tool
Choke ValveDrill Pipe Handling Tool
Standpipe ManifoldDrill Pipe Casing Tool
Manual Gate ValveDrill Pipe Set Back Tool
Hydraulic Gate ValveProp Pipe Gripper Tool
Relief ValveHands Free Working Starter Kit
Mud Gate ValveHands Free Working Storage Station
Plug ValveRigger Assist
Check ValvePipe Catcher
Hammer UnionsGrading Lifter
Cementing and Circulating HosesS Hook Hose & Cable Tidy
Swivel JointsDynlce Tag Line
Changeover/Crossover Adapters/Blast JointsBasket Access Platforms
FlangesLift Assist Handling Aids
Cementing HeadHandle-Tech
Mud KingGas Grab Products
Gate ValveBPC
Butterfly ValveX-904 Offshore Transfer Device
M&M InternationalX-800 Series
Canister Guard ValvesOsha Man Basket (OMB)
Inside Blowout Preventer (IBOP)/Dart ValvesWork Vest
SwivelsLife Ring Buoy Brackets
SubsWire Stretcher
AmphenolRope Ladders
Pyle Star-Line Ex® ConnectorsTag Line
R49 SeriesSwing Rope
Pyle Star-Line® ConnectorsRigid Tag Line
NeptuneWind Sock
Amphe-Ex ConnectorsHelicopter Stretcher
Rig-Power® Inserts with Radsok®Life Float
Rig ToolsContainerized Fast Throw Line
BHA Wash ToolsQuaker Houghton
Typhoon WiperStack Magic
Cobra Wash & Dope ToolHoughto-Safe 273CTF V2
Speedy Gonzales Pin CleanerAqualink 300F VER2
FOSV Handling ToolRust Veto AS
BOP Drift ToolQH Fluidcare
Rig Tools ClampFabenco Inc.
Monsoon Shaker Screen WasherSafety Gate
Hit-Hat DoperSafety Rails
High Pressure CleanersDock Gate
Horseshoe Flowline MagnetsPivot Gate
Drift SafeHeight Gate
Boxing Ring Rotary HandrailCustom Gate
Speed CoverTS Moly Lubricants Inc.
Container Access RampTS-210 SeaSafe Leg Dope & Cable Lube
Pitbull Torque ToolTS-70 Moly Paste with 70% MOS
Elevator Handling ToolTS-74 Stainless Antiseize
Standard Hole CoverTS-90 Moly Gear Concentrate
Roughnect BacksaverImpact Cutters
Poncho Hole CoverDouble Acting Cutters
Shale Shaker Replacement ScreensManual Cutters
TracercoPower Cutters
T202: Radiation Dose Rate MonitorChain Cutters
Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs)Cable Cutters
Norm Monitor – ISOTECO
BestolifePressure Relief Valves (PRV)
Bestolife® GGT-RSC-HTReset Relief Valves (RRV)
IShieldUGate Valves
Fingershield Finger Safety ToolsFloat Valves
EatonPressure Gauges
EC556 Blowout Preventer Hose SystemMalin Company
Ega MasterWires
Non-Sparking ToolsCable Safe
ATEX ToolsCable
1000V Insulated Non-Sparking Tools
Pipe Tools
Total Safety Slogging Wrenches
Industrial Tools
Controlled Tightening
Underwater use Aquamaster
Foam Trays & Tools Personalisation